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Golden Dust

The Studio at Wolf Creek Wellness

It is difficult to find just the right venue to have an intimate gathering of friends and family. However, choosing The Studio at Wolf Creek Wellness, will afford you the opportunity to entertain in style without any fuss. By choosing one of The Tiers below, you can tailor your next small event to maximize your time and effort. 

The Studio


The Studio Basic You will have access to The Studio with tables set up and chairs distributed to meet the needs of your event.  You may bring your own table coverings, decorations, and party needs. You will be allowed 4 hours for the event.  When finished, The Studio must be returned to the same condition it began in.  This tier is the perfect plan for the party planner who is on a budget and would like to maintain total control and freedom to arrange the space to their personal liking.


The Studio


The Studio Deluxe is the right option for the party planner who wants a little more freedom to enjoy the day without extra worries. You will have The Studio room tables and chairs set up for your event as predetermined by you, the Party Planner, and The Studio In-House Coordinator. The tables will be covered with linens, a decorative centerpiece will be placed in the center of the table, serving trays and utensils are available, and elegant yet disposable dishes, flatware, and napkins will be provided.  The clean up plan is largely the responsibility of the party planner with some exceptions. 


Plus the cost of any extraordinary accoutrements

The Studio


The Studio Supreme  is the plan that has you covered! The Studio will have tables, chairs, linens, Disposable Dishes, flatware, and napkins. In addition, like the Deluxe Plan offers, table centerpieces and decorations will be provided. Of Benefit to this party planner, The Studio In-House Coordinator will help to arrange catering, deliver catering, and attend the event to help with service.

Best of all... Clean-Up is the responsibility of The Studio staff. This is the ideal plan for the host who would rather spend time with guests than planning and working their event. Let us help create a hassle free event for you!


Plus the cost of catering and extraordinary accoutrements

The descriptions listed above are for illustrative purposes only but final decisions and event arrangements default to the signed Event Contract Agreement to be filled out in-person at The Studio at least one week prior to the event. 

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Call us today at Wolf Creek Wellness

(330) 690-2337

and ask for The Studio In-House Coordinator 

All Patrons must sign a contract to their agreed upon arrangements with The Studio and monies must be paid at time of signing. No contract will be signed later than 1 week ahead of the intended event. Parties that wish to use the venue for more than 4 hours can do so for an additional hourly fee and if the space is available. Wolf Creek Wellness reserves the right to cancel any event within 48 hours notice. The patron is responsible for any lost or damaged items of their personal property, that of their guests, or those items belonging to The Studio , Wolf Creek Wellness or its subsidiaries.  

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